People who serve you at Laser Skirmish

Meet the Team who bring you Laser Skirmish.

Laser Skirmish is the original brand of outdoor laser tag. The team has making kids (& the young at heart) happy since 1999. Call to book PH: 1300 666 559 (or 0432058910). Laser Skirmish is perfect for birthday parties. If you are 6 or 66, this is fun!  Laser Skirmish gives you hours of fun & excitement.

Our birthday parties are ideal for primary school students & their parents! Our games have a high tech edge, to get your adrenaline pumping & your brain working. At Laser Skirmish there are no projectiles, no paint and no bruises, and our all have Blue Cards (or are applying for them!). So you have the reassurance that your kids are in good hands.

Call to Book 1300 666 559 or use this & we'll call you


Canditta Natakuapa aka Angel: CEO Gamer Rank: Lt. Col. The most important thing I produce is trained & competent staff available and rostered on, to successfully deliver all our Public, Private & Corporate Sessions. Preferred gaming gun: I love the Scorpion because it is easy to handle. It has a great range at 100m and excellent for close combat. Or then it might be my p90, or then again it could be my Spitfire, or....


Adam Natakuapa aka Raven. Tech CO. Gamer Rank: Lt Cdr (that's code for played a HELL-OF-A-LOT!) The most important thing I produce is all materials, equipment & logistics arranged and delivered for every event, on time and 100% correct. Preferred gaming gun: I have played more than 1,500 games on the field and the Scorpion the best. It is easy to use, quick to reload and has a fast fire rate


Peter Lander aka Plan. Founder. Gamer Rank: Brig. Gen.The most important thing I produce is ideas and direction of the games, plus delivering great gaming experiences for gamers of all ages. Preferred gaming gun: is the Morita with the bipod and red dot scope because it has lots of firepower and extra long range.


Roger Anderson aka Rabbit. Quartermaster. Gamer Rank: Lt Cdr (possibly the only person on the planet who has played more than Raven). The most important thing I produce is supporting to the CEO & delivering live games on the battlefield. Preferred gaming gun: is the Scorpion because of its fast Rate of Fire and ease of use.


Nicole Lander aka Zev-va: Marketing C.O.. Gamer Rank: Col. The most important thing I produce is to ensure that more and more people (especially those who want to party) know about Laser Skirmish. Preferred gaming gun: Black Cobra with Scope because it is light and lethal.

We had a great day!
"Just a short note to let you know how much the kids and parents appreciated and enjoyed LASER SKIRMISH. The dads were hot and bothered when they finished but couldn't stop talking about the battle when we found a place to stop and have lunch. I will certainly recommend you to anyone (as I have already!) Thank you once again" Kerry North, Park Ridge Junior Soccer.